Dixon Government News 2020 Street Resurfacing Project

2020 Street Resurfacing Project

2020 Street Resurfacing Project

Dixon Releases Street Resurfacing Plans

2020 Program is the Largest in Town’s History

The City of Dixon has unveiled the largest single year street resurfacing plan in the history of our community.  The $5.7 million comprehensive street resurfacing program is expected to begin this week and finish late fall.  The Dixon City Council put another piece of this program in motion Monday night by approving $2.1 million dollars of work on various streets throughout town.  The work approved Monday is in addition to $1.7 million of resurfacing previously approved. 

$3.4 million in funding for the program is provided through restricted-use funds for street and capital projects.  “These restricted funding sources include federal STU (Surface Transit Urban) dollars, Motor Fuel Tax, Truck Access Route Program (TARP) grant funding, and local infrastructure money,” said Public Works Director Matt Heckman.  The City was previously awarded a TARP grant to be utilized on Anchor Road between Rt. 38 and Rt. 52.  In addition to the restricted funds, the Council also approved $625,000 for resurfacing use from FY19-20 turn-in funds and supplemental funds.  These are surplus revenues and unspent expenses from the prior budget year.  Heckman added, “This Council has a deep commitment to improving infrastructure city-wide and we aggressively pursue all types of funding sources.”

An additional $1.7 million in funding is being sought through the DCEO’s (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity) Fast Track Grant Program, this program places emphasis on shovel-ready projects ready to trigger immediately.  Heckman added, “Our plans are in place. We are ready to go to bid and complete construction this summer.  We expect to hear from DCEO in the next few weeks.  The Fast Track Grant is the final piece of our funding model for this year.  COVID-19 has changed the financial landscape, and we’ve been reacting quickly to rapidly evolving financial circumstances and contractor bid dynamics.” 

City Manager Danny Langloss said, “The work being completed this summer on our streets and underground infrastructure is nothing short of amazing.  Our community should be very proud of Matt and his publics work team.”

Councilman Mike Venier stated “We have assembled a great team, and this is just one more example of the incredible work being accomplished for our community.  This project has been two years in the making and builds upon our large 2018 resurfacing program and the revitalization of Depot Avenue.”  The Depot Avenue project was finalized last week. 

Councilwoman Mary Oros said, “The condition of our streets is a top concern for our citizens.  We’re working hard to improve infrastructure and quality of life for our residents on many fronts.  Great things are happening in Dixon.  It’s an exciting time for our community.”

Streets to be Resurfaced:

Phase 1 – Construction Starts This Week

  • N. Peoria – Bridge to Everett
  • W. 7th St. – Depot to Lincoln
  • 4th Avenue – Palmyra to Galena
  • E. McKenney – Galena to Assembly (Split between Phase 1 and 2 based on funding)

Phase 2 – Work Projected to Start in June

  • W. Graham – Galena to 4th Ave.
  • N. Brinton – Timber Creek to Walgreen Estate
  • North Court – Galena to N. Dixon
  • E. McKenney – Galena to Assembly (Split between Phase 1 and 2 based on funding)
  • N. Jefferson – from Heather Ln. north to cul de sac
  • Ann Ave. – Prescott to Tilton Park
  • W. 1st St. – Van Buren to Madison 
  • Myrtle/Dorothy/Lanewood
  • Eustace/Garden Walk/Burchell Ct.

Phase 3 – Work Projected to Start Late Summer

  • Anchor Rd. TARP Project – Anchor resurfaced between Rt. 38 and Rt. 52

Phase 4 – Start Date TBD

Streets to be released when funding is finalized (DCEO Fast Track Grant or other)