Dixon Government News 2021 Street Resurfacing Plans

2021 Street Resurfacing Plans

2021 Street Resurfacing Plans

The City of Dixon has released its 2021 street resurfacing program.  This summer’s $3.1 million program follows on the heels of $7.0 million in resurfacing work over the past three years, bringing Dixon’s four-year total to just over $10.0 million.  “The Council and staff are working hard to address citizen concerns regarding street condition city-wide, this is a top priority for us,” said Public Works Director Matt Heckman.

This year’s program is funded via Motor Fuel Tax revenue, Rebuild Illinois funds, local infrastructure money and a $1.7 million Fast Track Grant award.  Additionally, the City is projected to save over $100,000 by using City staff to bring sidewalk ramps into ADA compliance.  “We look for every opportunity to maximize each dollar, and we aggressively pursue grant funding and utilize in-house talent whenever possible.  We’re fortunate to have a highly-skilled and dedicated Public Works team,” added Heckman.

The project will unfold in two separate phases. The General Maintenance resurfacing is already underway, with City Staff doing cement work throughout town.  General Contractor street resurfacing is expected to begin in early July.  The second phase will include work to be performed utilizing Fast Track Grant funds, “We have received the executed grant contract from the Department of Commerce and Economic opportunity, and we’ll be going out for bids shortly,” stated Heckman.

City Manager Danny Langloss said, “The street work completed over the past 3 years is nothing short of phenomenal. The City Council has made infrastructure a top priority, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the work of our Public Works Department. We are seeing real, positive change happening all over Dixon. It is a very exciting time.”

Mayor Liandro Arellano stated, “As people build up their lives, homes, and businesses, it is important that their community build up the surrounding infrastructure that supports them. This record-setting investment in our annual street work sends a clear message that Dixon understands that and has the team in place to make it happen. It is a promise kept to our bosses, the citizens of Dixon.”

General Maintenance Resurfacing – Phase One:
Devonshire (Brinton to N. Jefferson)
Squires (Everett to Swiss)
Swiss St. and Anglo St.
Upham Place (W. Morgan to W. Chamberlin)
N. Dixon (E. Chamberlin to Bradshaw)
E. Morgan (N. Dixon to Assembly Pl.)
W. Morgan (N. Galena to Upham)
Van Epps Ave.
Fox Trot (Northridge to cul de sac)
Fieldstone (Deer Chase to Northridge)
Deer Chase (Trail Dr. to Northridge)
Spruce St. (Fargo to S. Ottawa)
W. 9th (S. Galena to Madison)
W. 9th (Monroe east to dead end)
W. 10th (Highland to Madison)
Madison Ave. (W. 7th St. to W. 10th St.)
Monroe Ave. (W. 8th St. south to dead end)
Broadway St.
Total 3.5 miles, 62 blocks
Fast Track Grant Resurfacing – Phase 2:
Nachusa Ave (W. 5th to W. 9th)
Douglas Ave. (River St. to W. 4th St.)
Martin St. (4th Ave. to Carroll Ave.)
Carroll Ave. (Martin St. to Long St.)
Center St. (Carroll west to dead end)
S. Ottawa (E. 3rd St. to E. 7th St.)
Highland Ave. (W. 7th St. south to dead end)
W. 9th St. (Depot to Jackson)
Total: 1.7 miles, 30 blocks