Dixon Government News ComEd Tree Trimming June through August 2016

ComEd Tree Trimming June through August 2016

June through August ComEd will be working in our city to trim trees that may interfere with power lines. Trees and branches that interfere with power lines can create safety hazards and cause power outages. Preventative tree maintenance helps avoid power outages. Within the next three months ComEd will trim trees, branches and vines that interfere or have potential to interfere with power lines. In some cases tree removal may be required. The remaining tree stumps are treated with an approved herbicide to prevent future regrowth. Herbicide will be applied by state-licensed applicators. All work is performed by trained, qualified arborists. 

For More Information please visit comEd.com/Trees or call 1-800-Edison-1 (800-334-7661)