When you enter the park, you will see before you the United States flag and the POW flag. These two flags are flying from 40’ fiberglass poles. The Dixon V.F.W. Post 540 purchased the American flagpole, while the Rock River Valley Chapter of Vietnow purchased the POW flagpole. The two poles are the tallest flagpoles in the park.

The next five military branch flagpoles are aligned on the outside of the catch basin of the fountain. These flagpoles are 30’ fiberglass flagpoles and were purchased for the park by the following individuals or organizations:

  • Army- John Carlson
  • Navy – John W. Kennedy
  • Marines – Dixon Area Detachment of the Marine Corp League
  • Air Force – Dixon High School
  • Coast Guard – Dixon American Legion Post 12

Along side of the exit arbor are six flagpoles flying the flags of different support organizations. These are also 30’ flagpoles. The following individuals or organizations purchased them:

  • Illinois State Flag – Knights of Columbus Council 69
  • Elks – Dixon Elks Lodge 779
  • USO – In Memory of Donald V. Harmon
  • Red Cross – In Memory of Robert D. Marshall
  • Disabled American Veterans – Chapter 88
  • Merchant Marine – Bud Branson

We wanted to see the effect that the flags would have on the overall outlook of park, so we flew all of the flags before 4 July 2005. It was our intention at that time to take them down and not put them back up until the park was completed.

The positive feedback from visitors and travelers along the Veterans’ Memorial Park route during the holiday, convinced us that they needed to be kept flying. They have been flying and displayed since that initial presentation.

Flagpole Photo Gallery (click to view)