Approximately 140 deaths are recorded each year in the U.S. from flash flooding. Flash floods and flooding are the #1 weather related killers.

Take time to develop a flood safety plan for home, work, and wherever you spend time during the summer.

When rising water is threatening or you have been ordered to evacuate, leave immediately and head for higher ground


  • Check the weather forecast before planning an outdoor activity. If flooding is forecast, postpone your plans
  • Do not allow children to play around streams, drainage ditches, storm drains or other flooded areas
  • Do not try to walk through flowing water more than ankle deep
  • Avoid small rivers, streams, canyons, dry riverbeds and low lying areas when selecting camp sites
  • Be more alert at night, when the danger of rising water is more difficult to detect

In a vehicle
Do not drive across flooded road or bridges – they may be washed out

If your vehicle stalls in water, abandon it and get to higher ground. Water only two feet deep can displace 1500 pounds