Bicycle patrol provides greater visibility in high crime areas. Officers have easier access to congested areas than officers in motor vehicles, and cover a larger area than officers on foot. Bicycles offer an effective approach to crime surveillance due to their decreased visibility.

Community and public relations have been improved through the use of bicycles. One major advantage to bike patrol is the ability to interact with the community more frequently then the officers in patrol cars. The bike patrol is utilized during the Petunia Festival and other special community events. There are currently 12 officers with the Dixon Police Department that are active bike patrol officers.

Most of the bikes the Dixon Police Officers ride are Treks. The bikes are equipped to handle the roughest terrain and weather. The officers are required to complete 40 hours of police patrol bike training

Bike Patrol Duties

  • Patrol support
  • Response to calls for service
  • Narcotics enforcement
  • Community policing
  • Special details
  • Bicycle safety education
  • Undercover surveillance