Premise Alert Program

Lee County Public Safety Agencies
Premise Alert Program

Public Act 096-0788 requires Public Safety Agencies with CAD Programs to initiate a Premise Alert Program (PAP) to maintain information on individuals with special needs within their coverage area.  In response to that Act, the Lee County Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) will maintain a database that contains voluntary information of special needs citizens within Lee County.

The purpose of this program is to offer guidance and direction to the public safety workers in responding to and assisting those people with special needs or disabilities or both with whom they will have contact in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Premise Alert Notification forms will be provided to Public Safety Agencies in Lee County.  In order for information to be entered into the Premise Alert Program database an information and signature form must be completed.

All information entered into the Premise Alert Program database must be updated every two (2) years or when such information changes.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Change of address
  2. Change in condition
  3. No longer the need to be in the database

Below, please find a link to the following:

  • PAP Notification/Information Form
  • PAP Signature Form