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The City of Dixon has taken an active role in maintaining the quality of the local environment for more than 70 years. since 1930, the city has provided wastewater collection and treatment for its citizens. As the population has grown and state and federal regulations have evolved, the city has continued to update and improve its collection and treatment system.

The improvements to the wastewater treatment facility in 2000 allowed the City of Dixon to continue the stewardship of the local environment. "Clean Water for the New Millennium" will promote growth in the city for the next 20 years. The following is a timeline of improvements to the Dixon Wastewater system.


  • James Leslie, Foreman
  • Jim Miller, Maintenance Specialist
  • Todd Cole, Maintenance Specialist
  • Collin Newman, Maintenance Specialist
  • Ryan Kreps, Maintenance Specialist

Timeline of Improvements

1930 Original collection and treatment facility is built.
1962 New wastewater treatment plant is constructed. Plant processes include:
  • Laboratory
  • 4 communutors
  • 3 primary clarifiers
  • 12 aeration basins
  • 2 final clarifiers
  • 2 anaerobic digesters
1972 Chlorine contact tank and building added for disinfection of final effluent as required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IPEA).
1985 New final clarifier, return sludge pumps and stand-by generator added.
1992 Swissville sanitary and storm sewer improvements.
1993 Southside trunk sewer construction.
1994 River Street sanitary sewer replacement from Sheridan Ave. to Harrison Avd. 2,729 lineal feet of 30" diameter sanitary sewer. This project reduced infiltration into the collection system by 500,000 gallons/day.
2000 dix-treatment-aerial-domes.jpgNew wastewater treatment facility constructed to comply with the state and federal regulations. Northside interceptor installed from Reynoldswood Lift Station on the north bank of the Rock River to the new wastewater treatment facility which eliminated the Reynoldswood pumping station. (1,000 lineal feet of 30" diameter sewer.)
wastewater1Screw Pump Rehabilitation and Southside Flow Meter Project:

The Wastewater Treatment Facility has two- (2) wastewater screw pumps located at the head works of the Facility. The purpose of the pumps is to lift all of the incoming wastewater into the Facility for treatment. The pumps are rated at 18 million gallons a day each (MGD), they are 75' long, 9' in diameter and raise the raw sewage 40'. When the pumps were installed in 2002 they were the longest screw pumps in North America.
wastewater2The pumps are made from steel and are coated to protect the metal. The pumps run 7/24/365 a year and are in a very harsh environment, which requires them to be recoated every 8 to 10 years.

The scope of the project included; Screw Pump sand blast and painting, influent channel cleaning, slide gate repair, slide gate actuator installation, Southside flow meter installation, lower bearing assembly replacement, deflecting plate replacement, upper bearing and coupling inspection, bypass pumping.
East River Street Trunk Sewer Replacement Project:

Crawford Avenue to Ravine Avenue100 1079
Replace and Relocate Raynor Lift Station

Replace 2,838 lineal feet of sanitary sewer and installed 7 new sanitary manholes.                                              
Install New Lift Station 100’ West of its current location.                                                                                                                        



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