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Water Rates / Water Rates Schedule
The City of Dixon Water Department Water Rates information may be viewed online or downloaded for future reference. Click below.

Billing Cycle
Residential customers are billed quarterly. Large consumer/commercial customers are billed monthly. All bills are due upon receipt and payment must be received before 4:30 p.m. twenty-one days after the billing date. A ten percent penalty is added to current water charges on the twenty-second day after the billing date. Failure to receive bill does not excuse penalty charge.

Shut-off Procedure
If payment is not received by 4:30 p.m. twenty-seven days after the billing date, a shut-off notice will be sent notifying user his/her water service will be terminated within fifteen calendar days. Failure to submit payment by 11:00 a.m. on the forty-third day will result in termination of water service.

NSF Checks
A $28.00 service charge is applied per check that is returned and not honored by our bank. Each account is then subject to immediate shut-off procedure.

Notice of Moving
Please notify the Water Department at lease 5 days prior to moving, so that the inside meter can be read for your final bill.

Time Line for the Utility Billing Process

  • Day 1 ~ Bill Is Mailed
  • Day 21 ~ Current Amount Due
  • Day 22 ~ Penalty Added
  • Day 22 ~ Reminder Notice Mailed
  • Day 28 ~ Shut-Off Notice Mailed
  • Day 43 ~ Termination Of Service

dix-water-stmt-lg.jpgUtility Billing Explanation
Please click statement image (on right) for an example of your statement. Also, just below is a pdf form of the same statement sample. Download and print, if you'd prefer.

Sample Water Statement 657.37 Kb

Service And Billing Inquiries

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