Dixon Government News Distracted Driving Enforcement

Distracted Driving Enforcement

The Dixon Police Department would like to remind citizens that in the upcoming weeks, officers will be conducting proactive enforcement regarding improper use of electronic communication devices.  This includes the following:  


  • All drivers are prohibited from text messaging and related activities such as emailing and Internet use.

  • All drivers are prohibited from use of handheld electronic communications devices.

  • Drivers 18 and younger are prohibited from using wireless phones while driving — with or without hands-free devices.

  • The taking of photos or videos on wireless devices is prohibited while driving.

It is important to note that the device must be used in a hands-free manner, such as by the use of a Bluetooth or similar technology, or if need be, the device needs to be put on “speaker mode.”  The proper use of the speaker function means that the driver cannot be holding the device in their hand while talking on the speaker.          


For further questions, contact the Dixon Police Department at (815) 288-4411.