Dixon Government News Dixon Solid Waste Removal Program

Dixon Solid Waste Removal Program

Republic Services is the City of Dixon’s Garbage and Recycling pick-up service. Please review the guidelines for garbage, recycling, and yardwaste.  


All garbage should be curbside by 6:00 a.m.

Any plastic or paper bag is permitted in the toter.

NO yardwaste or brush.

NO hazardous wastes

Additional Garbage

For large bulky items (chairs, couches, stoves, etc.) you may place one item per week at the curb. Any additional items, require a bulk waste sticker sold at stores listed below.

Items containing Freon require the purchase of a white good stickers at the same locations.

Electronics will be picked up with sticker(s). To determine numbers oof stickers, Contact Secure Recycling (815) 288-1602.

City Bags and Bulk Waste Stickers

Ace Hardware – 900 N. Galena – Dixon

Dixon Food Center – 500 Chicago Ave. – Dixon

Snyders Pharmacy – 301 N. Galena – Dixon

County Market – 1380 N. Galena – Dixon

Oliver’s Food Pride – 740 N. Brinton – Dixon

Walgreens – 1275 N. Galena – Dixon


City Bags $1.65 each or $8.25 roll

Bulk Waste Stickers $2.75 each

White Goods Stickers $15.00 each

Electronic Stickers $15.00 each


Recycle should be curbside by 6:00 a.m.

Recyclables should be placed loose in your bin with all materials rinsed and will lids removed.  Please discard all plastic lids and flatten all materials possible.

Acceptable Products

Plastics numbered #1 to #6

Any paper that comes with the newspaper can be recycled. Also, paperboard, telephone books, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, notebook paper, and grocery bags.

All cardboard needs to be flattened and smaller than 3×3.

If extra room is needed for paper products, you may use a paper grocery bag and place it near your recycle bin. You may also bundle newspaper or cardboard with twine or string and place next to bin.

Clear, green, and brown bottles will be accepted.

All beverage and food cans (aluminum, steel, and bi-metals) and acceptable.

Unacceptable Items

Plastic bags, gift wrap, waxed papers, ceramics, crystal, mirrors, window glass, paint thinner cans, aluminum siding, lawn chairs, and oil or antifreeze containers.


Yardwaste should be curbside by 6:00 a.m.

Placed in kraft paper bags or can marked with an “X” on the lid or can.

50 lb weight capacity.

No Ashes

Brush and limbs may be no greater than 4” in diameter and bundled with string or twine.

Length of bundles may not exceed 4 feet.

Kraft bags can be found at Ace Hardware and other area retailers.

Any questionable items or inquiries regarding program changes, please contact Republic Services at (815) 284-2432.

All services rendered will be on the same day.

Per the state of Illinois statutes, the City of Dixon has the responsibility to provide an environmentally safe and cost effective method of handling solid waste. The City of Dixon has contracted with Republic Services to implement their program. All residents with active water or sewer service will be responsible for the monthly costs outlined in the contract currently in effect.

Holidays observed New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Pick up will be the following day if the holiday falls Monday – Friday.