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Legacy Stones & Walkways

Legacy Stones & Walkways

It is the dream of all Veterans’ Memorial Park Commissioners to have all walkways in the park made from legacy stones. The first walkway of legacy stones is located at the park entrance as you approach the catch basin of fountain. This short walkway consists of 96 stones and extends 16’. The second completed walkway is to the right of the fountain and leads to the reflective or quiet section of the park. This walkway consists of 216 legacy stones and is 36’ long. All legacy stones are solid granite. They are 12” square and 2” thick.

As you approach the fountain, to the left of where you are standing is a walkway leading from the fountain catch basin through the center of the park all the way to the exit arbor. When the commission receives the legacy stone orders, sections of the concrete walkway will be torn out and replaced with the new legacy stones. It is our hope that the entire walkway will be filled with legacy stones. If this happens, we will have more than 3,000 legacy stones on display. This walkway is lined with walkway lights and park benches. It is easily visible at night so that visitors to the park can safely navigate along the walkways.

v-walkway2-lgWe also have ‘patron stones’ available to the general public, businesses, and organizations who wish to help financially with the park. These stones are located by the exit arbor and will be separated from the Veterans’ legacy stones. Patron stones are the same price, made of the same type of granite, and are the same size as the legacy stones. So if you are not a Veteran and would like to help, this is a great way to contribute and help build the park.

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