Library History

The roots of the Dixon Public Library reach back to 1872 when the firemen of Dixon Hose Company began a small subscription library. It became a city library in 1895-96. In 1899 O. B. Dodge, the first president of the library board, offered to build a new building, which was formally opened to the citizens of Dixon in early 1901.

In 1951, a celebration was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Library.  An invitation and pamphlet about this event has been preserved and digitized for present and future enjoyment.   pdf Anniversary History of the Dixon Public Library 1951 (22.04 MB)

The facility was remodeled in 1955 when the apartment occupied by the library custodian was converted for use as a children's department. A new addition which changed the library to its present layout was opened in 1969, and the elevator was added in 1986. The building was refurbished in 1994. In 2014 and 2015 major renovations have been made to the building, including new HVAC systems, new windows, and major work to the roof. The building is now safe and secure for the next generations ready to use it.

Many changes have occurred over the years. Collections have grown with the library's growth. The library houses over 74,000 volumes, more than 1000 DVD's and nearly 1000 compact discs and audiobooks. Special collections of interest include our Lincoln collection and a display of original WWI posters.

The library is proud of its publications which are available for purchase in the library or online, Lincoln in Dixon ($5)Memories of the Green River Ordnance Plant 1942-1945 ($10), and A People's Legacy: History of the Dixon Public Library 1895-2004 ($10).