$4.5 Million dedicated to street projects over the next 2 years

February 07, 2018

Matt Heckman 400w

“This is an exciting time for Dixon,” states Matt Heckman, Public Works Director and Assistant City Manager. He presented a streets program to the City Council at the February 5, 2018 Monday night council meeting. This upcoming year $2 million will go into resurfacing streets and select curb enhancements with another $2.5 million the following year. The program also outlines a plan to continue annual street resurfacing into the future.

Over the next 2 years the city plans to resurface 9.4% (99 out of 1056 City Blocks) of the streets in Dixon. There will be an equitable distribution of resurfacing work among the four quarters of town.

Our Street Department will be installing ADA ramps, sidewalks and completing other tasks that extend the life of streets throughout Dixon. This will help to maximize the city and federal dollars being put toward our streets, and save more than $200,000.00 in project savings.

“We have received great support from the Mayor and Council for this street resurfacing program and commitment to infrastructure repair and upgrades,” says Matt Heckman. “As a staff, we are happy to have the support and excited about the things that we are going to accomplish over the next few years.”

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