PROJECT ROCK Will Create 4th and Final Phase of Dixon's Riverfront Master Plan

May 04, 2020
PROJECT ROCK Will Create 4th and Final Phase of Dixon's Riverfront Master Plan

With JUST A FEW MOUSE CLICKS, you can help Dixon win MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and complete a vision for our community that has been THIRTY YEARS IN THE MAKING.

In 1989, Dixon’s public and private leaders came together to create the Riverfront Master Plan, a vision that sets us apart from every other town around by capitalizing on our crown jewel—our downtown and riverfront.

The first phase of that vision gave us the centerpiece of our riverfront at Heritage Crossing.

The second phase was the recently completed pedestrian pathway along River Road.

The third phase of the project at Viaduct Point is currently being funded by a $2.2 million dollar grant, which will help us to clean and reclaim the riverfront on the west side of downtown for additional pathways and parks.

Now, it’s time to fund the final phase of this thirty-year vision: Project Rock. Project Rock would create a pedestrian bridge across the old railroad pillars next to Dixon High School, add new trails and pathways in the wooded area of Page Park commonly used for the Reagan Run, create a new pedestrian pathway to the baseball fields and tennis courts, and create significant enhancements to Page Drive, baseball field, parking, and the boat docks. 

We’ve applied for federal funding through the BUILD Grant two years in a row, and we’ve been denied twice, because we need more data to show that the people of Dixon will use and benefit from Project Rock.

That’s where you come in.

WATCH THE SHORT VIDEO BELOW ABOUT PROJECT ROCK AND TAKE A BRIEF SURVEY ABOUT HOW YOU WILL USE THESE IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR TOWN. With your help, the third time will be the charm, Dixon will win millions of federal dollars, and our city’s thirty-year vision will become a reality. Thank you for helping to making it happen!

Link to survey:

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