Dixon Government News Police Chief Selection Process

Police Chief Selection Process

Press Release

November 2, 2017

“Advisory Committee Selected for Police Chief Hiring Process”

An advisory committee of city leaders, distinguished police chiefs, and other key stakeholders has been created to assist the City Council and City Manager Danny Langloss in the selection of the next police chief.   The position was posted internally.  Six Dixon Police Officers have applied for the position. 

In the Managerial form of government, the City Council hires the City Manager and the City Manager is responsible for hiring all department heads.  Langloss said, “While State law gives the authority to the City Manager to hire the police chief, I feel this decision is too important for one person to make.  I am a big believer in a fair and transparent process, so we have created a great advisory committee to help me select the next Dixon Police Chief.” 

Mayor Li Arrellano said, “Danny, as the previous police chief, is in the unique position of picking his own replacement.  By creating this advisory committee, he and the City are ensuring a fair, merit-based process.  Dixon is a safe community with an excellent police department.  We now have several highly qualified candidates to continue that tradition, and a merit-based approach helps ensure a fair selection process.”

Potential internal applicants were initially asked to submit a letter of interest to apply for the position.  They now have until Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. to submit an application, cover letter, and resume.  Interviews will be conducted next week, and the new Police Chief is expected to be named by the middle of the month. 

Two of the applicants do not live in the City limits and are not likely to be willing to move, so Langloss has asked the Council for direction on the current residency restriction for the Police and Fire Chief.  Currently, the Police and Fire Chief have to live in the City limits.  They are the only two City positions who are restricted with this requirement.  The Council could make a decision on this issue as early as Monday night. 

The Advisory Committee will consist of the following members:

Buffalo Grove Police Chief and Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Steven Casstevens, Retired Police Chief and current Assistant Village Manager / Director of Public Safety of Hinsdale Brad Bloom, Dixon Police and Fire Commissioner Pastor Michael Cole, Vice President of Sauk Valley Community College John Mandrell, Sheriff John Simonton, City Councilman Dennis Considine, City Councilman Mike Venier, Sergeant Doug Lehman, and Detective Ryan Bivins. 

Langloss said, “I couldn’t be more excited about this committee.  We have several very strong, qualified candidates who have applied for this position, and this committee will help us select the best person to lead the police department.”  Langloss added, “This is a very important decision.  We have a progressive and innovative department that has received State and National recognition.  It is important to the City Council and me that we continue to move forward as a leader in community policing and proactive crime fighting strategies.”  

Press Release: Police Chief Selection Process