Dixon Government News Providing an Opportunity for Future Aviators

Providing an Opportunity for Future Aviators

Providing an Opportunity for Future Aviators

The Dixon Municipal Airport has gone through great transformation within the past year and people are noticing.

An anonymous donor has promised to match up to $10,000 in donations for SVCC Aviation Program scholarships received by December 15, 2018.

It is the hope of the SVC Foundation and the Dixon Airport Board that gifts from alumni, family, friends, local employers and organizations will allow this scholarship to become endowed, thereby becoming a permanent fund that will assist students for years to come. An aviation student pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate will spend approximately $9,000 for tuition, flight time, instruction, books, equipment and FAA required testing. While this total cost is an educational bargain among flight training providers, many students still require financial assistance. Through this scholarship, students will have the opportunity to start or continue their education and begin productive and satisfying careers in aviation.

“We’ve seen the transformative power of scholarship support like this, and with the matching gift component, our community has the opportunity to build a scholarship fund that will impact the lives of countless students in the Sauk Valley,” -Lori Cortez, dean of institutional advancement at the college.

To make your tax deductible gift toward Aviation program scholarships please go to the following link: Sauk Valley College Foundation

To memorialize the creation of the Aviation Program Scholarship Fund, a plaque will be placed at the Dixon Municipal Airport honoring those who have donated to the Fund. Those that are donating have an opportunity to be recognized at one of three levels:

BRONZE – donate $100 or more
SILVER – donate $500 or more
GOLD – donate $1,000 or more

To learn more about giving to the matching gift aviation scholarship, please contact Sauk Valley College Foundation by calling (815) 835-6329.