Dixon Government News Seeking Assistance: Area Residential & Car Burglaries

Seeking Assistance: Area Residential & Car Burglaries

Over the past week, the Dixon Police Department has responded to a number of car burglaries on the southwest side of town. In all of the reported calls, the vehicles were not locked. 

On Sunday morning, 12/27, there was a report of a residential burglary and three attempted residential burglaries.  In at least one of the attempted burglaries, the suspects utilized keys taken from an unlocked car to attempt to gain access to a residence.  The homeowner was home and the burglary was thwarted by their presence.  These investigations are ongoing, but the Dixon Police Department would like to remind citizens of the following information and tips regarding burglaries. :

  • LOCK all vehicle and residential doors upon exiting your vehicle or when you are not at home or asleep. 
  • It is extremely rare for a suspect to damage your vehicle or enter your residence.  Suspects look for victims of opportunity and take the easiest target, make yourself a formidable opponent.  
  • Most suspects will continue on to the next vehicle/residence if your doors are LOCKED. 
  • Remove valuable items from your vehicle.
  • Attempt to park your vehicle in a well lit location. 
  • Install an alarm system in your vehicle.

Should you notice your vehicle/residence has been burglarized please notify authorities immediately.

Refrain from touching items of possible evidentiary value.  

Officers do have some descriptors of the suspects, but that information is not being released other than to say that they are in their late teens.

The Dixon Police is encouraging anyone who may have noticed items missing from their vehicles in the above areas to contact Detective Garza or Detective Simonton at (815) 288-4411.