Dixon Government News Solicitor Information 2022

Solicitor Information 2022

Solicitor Information 2022

It’s that time of year again. Solicitor’s will start coming door-to-door.

Please remember that any solicitor that comes to your door should have a valid solicitor’s license from the City of Dixon – solicitors should carry this license with them and be able to show it when asked. The form shown above is an example of the Solicitation License that is given by the city. Our license will have a crimped seal next to the Mayor and Clerk’s names which makes it authentic.

As always, we remind our citizens not give any personal or account information to solicitors. 

If you have a “Notice: No Soliciting” sign. Solicitors should not knock on your door. 

Please call the police immediately at 815-288-4181 if a solicitor is unable to produce a solicitor’s license or if they become demanding or beligerant.