Dixon Government News Viaduct Point: Riverfront Redevelopment Project

Viaduct Point: Riverfront Redevelopment Project

The City of Dixon has partnered with Lee County Industrial Development Association (LCIDA) on a Riverfront Redevelopment Project called Viaduct Point that will expand the downtown district. On March 15, 2017, Mayor Liandro Arellano sent out the following press release: 

March 15, 2017
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mayor Liandro Arellano, Jr.
Office: 815-288-1485


The City of Dixon announced today that it has partnered with the Lee County Industrial Development Association (LCIDA) on an ambitious plan to redevelop riverfront properties in downtown Dixon. This project, currently named “Viaduct Point”, includes up to thirteen separate parcels and three roads. With the City’s recent contract for Dixon Iron & Metal, LLC’s property, the ten key parcels targeted for acquisition have now either been successfully acquired or are under contract to purchase.

The Viaduct Point redevelopment area is prime riverfront acreage that connects directly to the existing Heritage Crossing region of downtown Dixon. The project mission includes both land acquisition and then identification and mitigation of any environmental issues. The City and LCIDA intend work together on identifying future development opportunities and marketing of sites. The project also synergizes with the City’s ITEP-funded trail project.

“Dixon, with the valuable assistance of LCIDA, has proven that it can fill both industrial parks and commercial districts,” stated Mayor Liandro Arellano, Jr. “Project Viaduct Point will build .on previous successes by adding more developable land to Dixon’s already impressive downtown experience. Projects like this are the key to Dixon’s future.” When fully realized, Viaduct Point will represent over two city blocks of newly developable area. The project area is completely within the existing TIF district, so City expenses can be paid through TIF Funds as well as the more conventional resale of land. LCIDA’s purchases were fueled by the successful sale of industrial park land near 1-88. As a non-profit community development organization, LCIDA reinvests sale monies back into new community projects.

“With support from the officers and board of LCIDA, our organization has been assisting in the land assembly for Viaduct Point. In late 2015 and the beginning of 2016 we saw a truly historic chance to acquire a large prime site at the west end of the downtown. This is a once in several generations opportunity to secure a major part of the riverfront for future commercial and recreational redevelopment on the Rock River and in the central business district,” stated John Thompson, President/CEO of the Dixon Area Chamber and Lee County Industrial Development Association.

Attachment: Viaduct Point Project map

Viaduct Point Project Map