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Vietnam Service History

Vietnam Service History

Cobra AH-1F 67-15475 in Vietnam

On December 7th 2007, I was contacted by Mike Peterson who now resides in Eugene Oregon.  Mike informed me that he was a member of the 1st air Cav when our helicopter arrived in Vietnam.  The pictures in this section were given to me by Mike to help fill in the historical gaps in the Cobra 475’s combat history.

Even at a quick glance you should be able to see a radical change in the 475 from an AH-1G to the now AH-1F.  Without access to the overseas maintenance log, it is hard to pinpoint the exact time and reason for the change.  Extensive damage to 475 could be a significant factor as damage parts could have been replaced with available parts.  Once more crew members and pilots of the 1st Air Cav are located this question may be answered in the future.

In the mean time, please enjoy looking at “Snake” 475 as she looked when she prowled through the skies of Vietnam.  These were war years and 475 saved countless American lives.  She, herself was shot down, recovered, repaired and shot down again. Ironically strange is the fact the: ”Snake” 475 was assigned to a unit in Vietnam known as the Blackhawk’s named after the great Indian chief Blackhawk. She now rests in the middle of Blackhawk land that Blackhawk and his braves roamed.

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