Dixon Government News Water Wonderland Coming to Dixon

Water Wonderland Coming to Dixon

Water Wonderland Coming to Dixon

“Water Wonderland Coming to Dixon:  Park District and City Launch $100,000 Capital Campaign / Release Photos of Splash Pad”

The Dixon Park District and the City of Dixon are working together to bring to life a 70 x 70 splash pad that will be named, “Water Wonderland”.  Concept designs of the splash pad were release today.  Water Wonderland will be located in the Meadows Park on Washington Avenue next to Wooden Wonderland.  The splash pad will have 2 separate zones which include 23 water features. One zone will be for children 2 – 5 years old and the second zone will be for children 5 – 12 years old.  The splash pad will be ADA handicapped accessible.  

Planning for the project began in June after an anonymous donor pledged a $200,000 donation for the project.  The donor first contacted Park District Executive Director Duane Long after reading a Dixon Telegraph article about the potential City/Park District vision for improved splash pad facilities, and then hearing Long on the WIXN morning show.  The donor was impressed with the way Long and Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss were working together to advance the Park District and the City.  After hearing about the numerous projects the City and Park District are working on with other community stakeholders, the donor committed to the financial pledge.

Long said, “Projects like this new splash becoming a reality is such a great accomplishment for this great community.” Long added, “Working with Mr. Langloss with the City of Dixon has been a breath of fresh air for everybody involved with the splash pad project, the community gets to enjoy the benefits of two entities working together.”

Langloss said, “We couldn’t be more excited about the new direction of the park district.  Director Long is looking to challenge the status quo in every aspect and has a significant focus on improving recreation opportunities for our great community.”  Langloss added, “We are excited to be a partner in Water Wonderland.  This is truly ‘game changing’ for our community.  Working together, we can accomplish anything we set our minds too.  So many people are excited about this project and this is just the beginning of incredible improvements for our community.”  

Project Scope:

This project will include the creation of the splash pad, landscaping, a pavilion attached to public restrooms, and the paving of the gravel parking lot at Meadows Park.  Plans are also underway to do some maintenance improvements to Wooden Wonderland.  Long and Langloss are working with landscape design experts in an attempt to reduce preliminary cost estimates while still providing a great look for the splash pad. 

Long and Langloss said each of the components is critical to move this project forward.  Water Wonderland is expected to be very busy with children and their families, so public restrooms and shade are essential.  Due to the water structure being added to this park, it is necessary to pave the parking lot.  The gravel would be detrimental to the infrastructure of the splash pad. 

In addition to Water Wonderland and Wooden Wonderland, Meadows Park is home to the YMCA recreational and club soccer program and serves as the practice facility for Dixon Junior Dukes.  The new parking lot will also serve these programs. 

Project Budget:

In all, the project is estimated to total just over $500,000.  The purchase and installation of the splash pad is estimated at $215,000, the landscaping is estimated at $100,000, the pavilion and bathrooms are estimated at $80,000, the parking lot is estimated at $80,000, and engineering for the project is estimated at $40,000. 

City Manager Langloss and Director Long are working with local contractors in an effort to receive donated labor and materials for parts of the project to reduce total cost.  To date, MOST Plumbing of Dixon and Kniggie Mason Contractors of Dixon have pledged their labor for the restroom facility.  The Dixon Women’s Garden Club has also pledged their support to help with plantings within the landscape design.  The City of Dixon Water Department will run the water main, sewer main, and storm sewer mains for the complex.  Langloss said, “Just as we have done with the City Hall remodel, we are examining every avenue and partnership to reduce the total cost of this project.  Using City, Park District, and volunteer labor where possible is a top priority.  There are several specialized aspects to the project that must be bid out.” 

Funding Sources:

The City of Dixon and the Dixon Park District are each pledging $100,000 towards the project.  The anonymous donor’s $200,000 donation, which leaves the project at a $100,000 shortfall.  Long and Langloss are launching a $100,000 community capital campaign to bridge the gap in funding. 

To date, the Dixon Rotary Club has made a $20,000 donation towards the pavilion / restroom structure, and just under $20,000 in community donations have been received.  Long said, “I have been overwhelmed by the community support for this project.  Donations are coming in large and small and we haven’t even launched the capital campaign.  I couldn’t be more excited about what this project will do for our community.  This is just the beginning step to really enhance the recreation opportunities the district offers.” 

$100,000 Capital Campaign:

Long and Langloss have created a tiered sponsorship capital campaign the will include permanent recognition for Platinum Donors of Water Wonderland.  The following are the donation levels for recognition:

  • Platinum: $5,000 or more
  • Gold: $500 – $4,999
  • Silver: $100 – $499

Platinum sponsors will be displayed permanently at Water Wonderland.  Gold sponsors will have the company logo or family name displayed on banners that will be in the park for the summer of 2019.  Silver sponsors will be recognized on the Dixon Park District and City of Dixon websites and social media sites. 

Long said, “While we will be seeking larger donations, no donation is too small.  Every dollar counts.  This is truly a community project.” 

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